The Sparkling Post & How to clean your jewelry

Here we are, summer holidays are over (or are about to end), but we are still full of this levity and easiness that only the summer can bring… And it is with the summer and our tanned skin that we have highlighted our wonderful jewels lately, haven’t we?

If you too have abused them a bit by not always treating them kindly enough, then here you will find a piece of advice on how you can safely clean them and easily restore their outer sparkle.

The list of most common sins is quite a long one. For instance, all the jewels, both gold and silver, should always be taken off when washing hands or showering; especially those with stones, as the soap, little bastard, creeps between stone and metal, leaving residues and disdainfully detracting jewel’s brightness. They should be also put on only after having administered all your creams and perfumes, since various acids that all cosmetics contain can ruin the metal – it’s highly recommend to wait for all your beauty products to be absorbed before putting your jewels back on! It is – of course – also highly advisable not to wear jewels while doing sports, as even just by swimming we can ruin them, make them lose their brilliance, or worst of all, simply lose them in the water: it’s well known truth that our fingers can change the size significantly depending on the temperature! It does not mean that only your rings are at risk – corroded pieces of your jewels, as closure or delicate joining parts, become more and more delicate and vulnerable, putting you at risk of losing them easily. Water as it is accelerates natural process of tarnishing, but salt or chlorine is inevitably destroying the surface of any jewel. Yeah, it means that you should clean them at least with warm water…after each dive! Have I mentioned that the sweat has a very similar effect on jewels as the ocean’s salty water…? And the sand, think of the sand as a huge piece of sandpaper only waiting for your careless hand, with your wedding ring on it, to start playing with your children… Oh, it is also probably useless to explain to you that if you decided to attack a mountain or simply go hiking to the sea cliffs looking for a better insta story shot, you better leave your rings at home, as you are risking not only to damage the jewel but also to hurt yourself!

Does it all sound familiar? But who normally thinks about such a small particulars, especially on vacations, duh…! Anyway, it is still not the end of the world, there is something we can do, even at home and without spending money. Here is your brief cleaning-jewellery-DYI guide.

Should you want to clean your gold or silver jewelry (mind that we are talking about jewels without stones or with diamonds) which are a bit oxidised because maybe you have left them in the drawer for a bit too long (not wearing your jewels is worse than wearing them constantly!), or simply because they are a bit dirty, here’s what you can do: take a small pot and fill it with water, pour in some soap for dishes and boil it. Then take a toothbrush, soak it in the soap-soup and delicately clean your jewelry. Once finished rinse well. Just a friendly tip – never ever try to do it at the sink! A second of distraction and your beloved earrings will end up in the tube forever – rather sit down comfty at a table, with a small towel rolled out on it, it may save you some family drama, promise!

Should there be only a slight oxidation you can simply use a special cloth for camera lenses (or the one you use for your sunglasses) and rub it cautiously on the jewel. That’s also only one advisable way of home-cleaning of all the jewels with delicate stones, especially these that do not really like any temperature changes such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds or aquamarine gems.

If, instead, you are looking at your white gold jewel and it seems to you to be a little yellowed, know that it’s absolutely normal and that it always happens after some time: gold in nature is yellow, after all! When preparing the alloy to make a gold jewel white it always remains slightly yellow, that’s why it’s always passed in rhodium in the last stage of assembling – a chemical substance that makes your jewel perfectly white and shiny. Therefore should you like to make your white gold jewelry whiter, unfortunately you will need to pass by your jeweler. Nothing you can do by yourself, as every jewel before being rhodiumed must be firstly perfectly polished, usually by being put in a machine called ultrasound cleanser that cleans it thoroughly.

All in all, professional cleaning, nevertheless, isn’t that expensive as you might think, but it’s rather important to consult your trusted jeweller, as it’s in general also a matter of trust. As usually in such cases, if you aren’t sure if your jewellery could or shouldn’t be cleaned at home – you always better ask a specialist: there are many professional methods as (mentioned above) ultrasound cleaning, polishing or gold-plating of a jewel that can bring your old jewellery back alive!

Should you have any questions about how to clean your jewelry (or about anything else more and less correlated) please leave me your question in comments, I’ll be happy to give you my advice! Jewellery is my passion, and I’d be happiest ever to be able to share it with you

PS. As a little gift if you will pass by my laboratory showing me this post you will find a discount waiting for you for all repairs and cleanings you would be in need of!

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