Meet Jennifer

Artisan Jewelry by Jennifer Forte

I’ve always been dreaming about having my own little place, my own laboratory, where my ideas and creativity could take shape and eventually come to life.

After some experience in the area, I have decided to put together the best of my skills and experience to offer you artisan jewelry, fully certified from metal to stones, handmade by a team of expert professionals, and fully focused on the most important person, you, the final customer and a guest of honour in our magical sparkling reality.

I have tried to remove all the space and time limits in order to offer you an exclusive experience where in most of the cases you are free to create your unique jewel by your own, not only by choosing an engraving, but by making your own choice of metal, color and even shape.

This is me, and I’m happy to share a little bit of my dream with you.

Should you be looking for some inspiration I would invite you to follow me to alway stay tuned with my new creations, promos and our laboratory everyday’s life!