Reef necklace

Reef+ ring entirely handmade in 18kt gold with 0.10 ct diamonds


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Reef necklace is entirely handmade in 18kt gold

Reef necklace is 40 cm long. It’s available in three colour options of white, yellow or rose 18 Kt gold.

All our jewels are entirely handmade in the laboratory at Milan and they may be personalised. In case you like this product but you would like to modify it please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll do the best to help you to develop your idea!

What we love the most about our jewels is to see them on! Make and post a photo of yourself with your new jewel, tag us and you will receive a promo code for your next shopping!

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Rose Gold 18 Kt, White Gold 18 Kt, Yellow Gold 18 Kt


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